Now available! Get your free review copy of my next book!

Now available! Get your free review copy of my next book!

Tales of a Scorched Coffee Pot by Jason McGathey

Greetings friends, fans, and perhaps an ambushed victim or two caught unawares! My 9th book, “Tales of a Scorched Coffee Pot” is all set for a March 20, 2024 release date. In case anyone stumbling upon this piece doesn’t already know, this “fictional” tale concerns the trials and tribulations of a small-time, family owned grocery store chain.

If the above image is a bit too small to read, here’s the little blurb from the back cover:

Life at a locally owned, health-conscious grocery store chain…it might be organic, but it sure isn’t natural!

Any lowly peon who has ever worked retail or for that matter an office job will find much to laugh about and relate to in this highly comical tale of a company whose chaos hits all too close to home. From blowhard bosses who insist “somebody” needs to do something whenever any problems arise, to crybaby technophobes running riot all over the enterprise, to the widely held misperception that Good With Computers is an actual department, it’s all right here, in a fresh, modern epic that feels so real you would swear it actually happened. But of course, nothing this preposterous ever could, right?

The finished version contains a few chapters that were never included in my serialized online editions. I planned it this way as what you might call “hold back” information that might inspire a few who were on the fence to go ahead and buy the thing, as a reward to the most faithful fans. This cover I’m really happy with, too, as for once it mostly matches what I had in mind, is extremely colorful and came together with much less difficulty than usual.

Anyway, it is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Here is the link for that:

And if any of you out there feel inspired enough to review this book, I will totally send you a free proof to do so! Just drop me a line with your email address, either here or by reaching me at, and I will get that right out to you! Thanks to everyone who has already read, liked, and commented upon the chapter by chapter posts I’ve uploaded here over the past couple years, too! I appreciate the support, and it helped in certain places as I refined my approach with this massive undertaking. Here’s to hoping you like this finished product just as well!

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